A Kestrel Conundrum

Had a lively day volunteering at the raptor center.  The raccoons are at it again and the education department, regrettably, lost one of their birds.  Those feisty little opportunists have found themselves a quarry of easily-targeted prey and are exploiting it big time.  I'm curious to see how the staff at the center will combat them!

We (unfortunately) had another loss today.  A beautiful male American kestrel had to be euthanized due to a severely fractured, non-repairable ulna.  I was helping radiograph his injuries before it was determined that he had to be put down...

Poor little guy, gone to birdy heaven.  

Ecogeekin' it up in NC

On my way back to Alabama I made a pit stop in Charlotte, NC to spend time with Rob and Haley, the brains and legs behind Untamed Science.  We shot some footage for my bio video for the high school chemistry video series and a few short pieces on coyote ecology for the Untamed Science webpage.  We did some exercises for me to work on developing my on-camer presence and brainstormed ideas for new projects.  It was a lovely visit and they got me even more excited about future Ecogeek adventures. 

I went geocaching for the first time!  We got some fun footage of Haley, Falcon (her dog), and I playing in the woods for my bio video. 

We didn't bring a pen with us so I filled out the geocache log with my lip gloss...classy! :)