Charming Cheaha

Here are some photos from a recent trip to Cheaha State Park, which boasts the tallest peak in Alabama- a whopping 2047 feet  above sea level.  While I wouldn't exactly call them mountains, it was a pleasant change of scenery from the 'plains' of Auburn.

Untamed Adventures

Recently spent some time in North Carolina with the masterminds of Untamed Science.  We were filming video education pieces for a series on hunter safety training.  What great fun!  We filmed videos on various aspects of firearm safety and handling while traveling and in the field.  Here are some photos from the shoot...

 Filming a piece on clearing an obstruction from your barrel

 Willard, the sweetest and most well-behaved lab I have ever met (acting as our hunting pup)

 My green moster loaded up with gear and ready to traverse the North Carolina countryside

 Setting up the shoot on how to safely load a boat

Filming a segment while 'duck hunting'

Our lovely shooting site, Mountain Island Lake just outside Charlotte, NC