Me in the Field

Critters, habitats, and field follies...

 Electrofishing in Colorado

 Investigating a dead moose report
Taking snowshoe hare horizontal cover habitat measurements

 Trapping kangaroo rats in Arizona 

 Getting a bat out of a mist net in New Mexico

 A tiny horned lizard in New Mexico

 Tarantulas in New Mexico

Bird recovery work in Mississippi

Coyote trapping in Alabama

 Raptor rehab at the Southeastern Raptor Center

Setting camera traps in New Mexico

Taking care of baby owls at the raptor center (don't attempt this at home, on your own!)

With 'Spirit', Auburn's War Eagle

Premature fawn brought in for rehab

Bird surgery at the raptor center
Found this little guy while checking rodent traps in La Yerba Buena, Mexico

Golden sand between my toes at Playa de Oro in Mexico

Ring-necked snake, herping in La Yerba Buena

Climbing a strangler fig in Mexico

Nothing like a trunk full of Meomys

With village children in Elbeyli, Turkey

Found a baby tortoise
Hawksbill on Kia Island

Flying foxes on Kia Island

Botanical garden in Nadi, Fiji

Dissecting rats in bio lab prep

 Hoary bat in Paint Rock, Al

Cave salamander in Paint Rock, AL

Caving in Paint Rock, AL

Found a pipe fish in our oil sentinel in the Mississippi Sound

Pom poms galore in Biloxi

Kayaking around Tybee Island, GA