WILD TRIBE Ambassador

Media can be a blessing and a curse.  It is a powerful tool- capable of reaching the masses, influencing perspective, and opening eyes and hearts to the world around us...but in America, there are no rules on who is allowed to use it, and no restrictions on how negative it is allowed to be.  I have decided to use my media powers for good by being an ambassador for the SEEtheWILD, a non-profit endeavor aimed at providing ecotours and volunteer expeditions for conservation-minded tourists. 

SEEtheWILD offers unique vacation/volunteer opportunities where you can get down and dirty in the outdoors while participating in programs and projects that are really making a difference. 

Donations to SEEtheWILD and funds generated from tours give back to the communities whose wildlife we are working to protect.  Through funding and local support, SEEtheWILD is building the capacity of local stakeholders to manage their natural resources and maintain a sustainable ecotourism industry that ensures the livelihood of its community and showcases the beauty and diversity of its natural wonders. 

As an ambassador for the WildTribe, I help spread the message of conservation tourism, generate awareness and support for conservation endeavors abroad, and share my experiences performing conservation volunteerwork around the globe through my writing, photography, and social media networking. 

Take a look at the opportunities available through SEEtheWILD

Check out this blog post I wrote for SEEtheWILD on my experiences in Fiji: Cultural Considerations in Conservation