An Ostensible Odontonate

While swimming in a lake in north Florida, caught a glimpse of one of the beautiful wonders of nature.  Saw this little guy go from aquatic nymph into a beautiful, adult dragonfly.  Saw him climb up onto a post from the water, park himself, and begin to shed his exoskeleton- the entire process took about an hour, and I got to see the whole thing...VERY COOL!

I missed the first few moments because I ran to go get my camera...

 Half way out

Unfolding the wings

 Wings all dried and getting ready to go!

Very first flight was to the top of this tree. 

Hirundo rustica adorablis

Went to take this guy to the vet school to get radiographed...

...happened upon a motherload of barn swallow nests. Turns out the concrete overhang lining the walkway makes a great nesting spot! 

Yard Musings

Took my camera out to my yard today to see what I could see...a couple of awesome insects looking at me!