Kia Goings-on

The children had a day off from school and we took that opportunity to conduct a beach-cleanup on the island.  We collected several bags of trash and separated it all into types: plastics, metal, wrappers, glass, etc.  After we sorted all the rubbish we got creative and made some art…
 On the final day of the training some women from the neighboring village came over with hand-made garlands for the workshop participants who completed the training; they were absolutely beautiful!
After 5 long, dry weeks without rain, the rainy season is finally upon us.  Tanks were dry and people were coming from neighboring villages to get water from Yaro’s emergency tanks.  Now that the rainy season has descended upon us water abounds.  The once-dry streams are flowing, the wells are full, and new flowers are blossoming around the island.  Gives new meaning to the phrase ‘life-giving rain.’