My Alibi?...Gulf Shores

So today I began my 3rd deployment to the Gulf working on the Deep Water Horizon Oil Spill Response.  I am part of a team monitoring the levels of submerged oil off the coast of Alabama.  Our team consists of a 4-person sample team, a BP rep, a federal NOAA rep (me), a boat captain, and his deck hand.  The Alibi, a 57 foot fishing boat, is equipped with everything we need to deploy Sentinels...contraptions that detect submerged oil in the water.  If/when we find it we take samples of the water and the sediment at the site.  This type of work is all new to me and I am enjoying learning more about a different kind of science!

Captain Ed...this guy has been in the military, a Marine Police, Game Warden, Ship Captain, carpenter, you name it.

Coolest part of today...we  caught our own lunch!

 King Mackerel

It doesn't get any fresher than this!