Raptor Rendesvous

Today I spent the day at the Southeastern Raptor Center where I occasionally volunteer doing raptor rehabilitation.  The morning's task was to transport a permanently-injured, non-releasable bald eagle to the Atlanta airport to be sent to her new home at the Dallas Zoo. 

Her wings were fitted with special foam bumpers to protect them during transport.

While we were in the air cargo hangar we saw a man preparing a dead body for transport!  The Delta representative told us that on average, every commercial airline flight transports 1-2 dead people...think about that the next time you are on a plane!

When we got back to the center from the airport, we were informed that 3 of the birds being rehabilitated and occupying outdoor aviaries were killed and eaten by raccoons!  One of the volunteers spotted one of the culprits in the large flight aviary and we had quite the afternoon wrangling it.

She only looks sweet and innocent!